Wheats of the World

2. Persian Wheat
4. Oriental Wheat4. Not visible in this photograph, hidden behind 3
6. Vavilovi Wheat6. Moderately tall stems topped by seed spikes, many of which are characteristically branched.
8. Macha Wheat8. Moderately tall stems with blue-green leaves,
just visible behind the Club Wheat (7).
10. Spelt or Dinkel
1. Polish Wheat
3. Rivet or Cone Wheat3. Tall stems with bluish-green leaves topped by the awned seed spikes.
5. Indian Shot Wheat5. Short stiff stems with small seed spikes that first appeared in June.
7. Club Wheat7. Moderately tall stems with compact yellow-green seed spikes.
9. Bread Wheat9. Shorter stems produced for commercial purposes by many years of genetic breeding.